• Neurological physiotherapy helps you

  • return to recreation,

  • return to activity,

  • return to work,

  • return to family activities,

  • and return to sport.

Neurocentral Physiotherapy is the practice of Paul Ellis, a physiotherapist based in central Victoria with over 25 years' experience working with people with disabilities arising from a wide range of neurological conditions.

Paul draws from a broad range of experience, having worked extensively in hospital in-patient rehabilitation facilities, as well as having spent more than 15 years working in private practice with clients in community settings.

Paul’s treatment philosophy is one of person-centred practice, working with clients to achieve their own goals, so as to maximise their ability to participate in all aspects of life. This includes teaching clients (as well as their family and carers) the necessary skills to be able to self-manage their disability to the greatest extent possible, so as to reduce their reliance on therapy support in the long-term.